Conlett specializes in the supply and distribution of Neonatal and Pediatric positioning aids and consumables.

Their products are made with the users in mind, providing nurses and doctors with neonatal products that are logical and easy to use, so that they can focus their attention on the newborns.

Photoshades for infants

The Neo-Photoshades have been created to provide a protective and secure eye shield for the infant when they require phototherapy treatment. The ergonomic shape and the soft cushioning ensure that the Neo-Photoshades will block any harmful light to the infants’ eyes.

  • Consists of a conforming PU backing film, coated with a soft silicone adhesive, making them especially suitable for neonates.
  • The gentle adhering properties of the silicone backing assist to keep the eye shields in place during treatment.
  • High density black fabric backing provides complete blockage of external light.
  • The fabric in contact with the eye area is pure undyed cotton.
  • Measurements are provided to enable the correct size is selected.

Reusable, versatile gentle positioning aid that can be adjusted many ways to suit the comfort, development and security of the neonate. Neo-Hug can be adjusted to provide optimum support boundaries. There are three sizes available and optional disposable covers.

A “nest” system can be created by combining Neo-Hug with Neo-Snug and Neo-teneo to provide a secure environment for neonates’ development.

Neonates and infant’s limb support

The Neo-Board provide excellent support to preemies or newborn hands, avoid loosing integrity of intravenous lines attachment to neonates.

Neo-Board is available in four sizes, ranging from neonate to pediatric. Constructed from soft polyurethane foam with an aluminium strip core, they can be easily shaped and positioned to the neonate without losing their profile.

SIL-FIXX Multipurpose Silicone Adhesive Tape

Conlett New Generation Silicone Adhesive Tape: Silfixx, is a very special technology incorporating the silicone into the PU base tape. It is highly permeable and conforming to the skin.


  • Soft and pliable, it will not damage and disrupt any skin layers
  • Patent design allows tearing the desired length without compromising the tape strength
  • Excellent adhesive property, waterproof, higher skin adhesive power – the corners don’t peel off once applied when immersed in water, as compared to existing paper blended/non-woven based silicone tape
  • Higher conforming property due to PU backing as compared to existing tapes
  • Sil-fixx can be reapplied without losing the adhesiveness, no hair removal, no residue


Very sensitive skin: Neonates and Geriatric patients. Suitable on damaged skin such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy and Radiography patients, thanks to its gentle and non-striping properties

  • All types of fixation e.g. IV, Cannula, tubes, electrodes etc
  • As skin protection to prevent sores

Stress-free infant positioning

Neo-Snug Positioning Aid is designed to assist the nurse in providing a safe and secure positioning “nest” for the neonate.
There are four sizes available, from preemies to pediatric babies. Neo-Snug is soft to touch, neonate can be positioned on the side, prone or supine. Providing optimum boundaries for the neonates, each Neo-Snug has 2 adjustable straps for security and proper containment of the neonate.

Paddled footrest provide extra comfort to the neonates. Neo-Snug use together with Neo-Hug and Neo-Teneo can create a “nest” system to provide the neonate a secure environment for proper development.

For the safe insertion of NCPAP

The Neo-Strip nasal NCPAP strip is made from Hydrocolloid material with an adhesive backing for gently attaching to the baby’s delicate skin, without causing damage, but of sufficient retention to allow insertion of cannula or feeding tubes.

Neo-Strip nasal NCPAP strip is developed to replace adhesives that can be harmful to the neonate’s delicate skin.

The Neo-Strip system offers repositioning through the Velcro strip. The Velcro strip can be wrapped around the tube and attached to the Neo-Strip to secure the cannula.

For the secure attachment of cannulas and feeding tubes

The Neo-Velum is made from a Hydrocolloid backing with a transparent dressing on top. The cannula/tubing will be sandwiched between the hydrocolloid and the transparent dressing. The hydrocolloid material bonds gently with the skin, retains adhesiveness on sweaty skin.

Catheter condition can be easily detected through the transparent dressing. Perfect for all types of tubing and easy to monitor patient’s condition. Simple application yet effective attachment.
Neo-Velum comes in sterile pack and is latex free.

Gentle support for the little ones

Neo-Teneo Positioning Aid is the name given to a range of Gel-filled Pillows, Cushions and Mattress of various sizes that can be used for proper positioning and physical stability for newborn, preemies, ill and light for date babies in NICU and pediatric units.
Neo-Teneo is soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, ergonomic to use with build-in manometer attached to the mattress, for monitoring the temperature of the mattress. Non-toxic gel provides soft support to alleviate pressure caused by prolonged immobility. Protects fragile preterm skin, absorption of vibrations, reuseable and easy to clean.

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