The universal short-term embolizate

Embocept®S is the universal short-term embolizate – your ideal combination partner for optimization of locoregional tumor therapy (TACE).

The ideal combination partner for optimization of locoregional cancer treatment in HCC patients

The advantages of EmboCept®S

  • Guideline-compliant treatment of HCC patients
  • Significant increase in overall survival
  • Significant increase in progression-free survival
  • Very good tolerability
  • Flexibility in treatment type and procedure
  • Simple handling in treatment use

EmboCept®S represents simple and flexible application and can be combined with any chemotherapy. 


  • Flexible and sediments slowly
  • Simple application
  • Endogenous degradation with a half-life of approx. 35 min
  • Collateral formation of tumor vessels can be excluded to a great extent
  • Dosage recommendation of 300 – 600 mg per patient 

         – Adjust exact dosage to individual patient
         – Determined by monitoring during imaging procedure

  • Repeated applications possible short intervals
  • Can be combined with all systemic anti-tumor therapies such as chemotherapies, antibodies, vaccines, cytokines, etc.

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